Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Sparklers

Hi fellow twidics! We're starting a new column here at Twidiculous Wives called Saturday Sparklers. This will just be a run down of twitastic stories from the Twilight blogosphere for the week. Just click on the links and you can find all sort of twifabulousness (That was a lot of "twi" words. Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away.).

Here we go:

Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife: Mini E Prepares for A Romantic Evening Read it. You will laugh so hard it hurts.

New Moon Movie: New Moon Cover Update: Two New Editions The Case of the Right New Moon Book Cover is solved.

Lauren's Bite: Things to Come... The video is worth the trip over to the site. Ray Bans, people, Ray Bans.

Fan Fiction: Ten Things Emmett Can't Ever Do. A short piece of fan fiction, from Emmett's point of view, when he decides that Edward is...different...from his brothers. Oh so funny.

Enjoy. And trust me, you will.



The long debate on whether we will or will not get the Miniatures of Edward and Bella is over. "SW" and I have decided we have to have them!!! It's going to be great. We have many adventures we will be taking them on, in which some Tiny- B will be left behind. But Tiny-B and Tiny-E are each others one true love so she will not fault us for this.

What kind of adventures, you ask...OH THERE WILL BE MANY. We have extensive plans for both Tiny- E and Tiny-B. Some include Camping, Cliff Diving, Fishing, Hunting, Trips to the Zoo, Romantic Dinners in their lavish house. And MANY more......... Eventually they will be going out of state to visit "SP" and various other friends who will appreciate their plastic "TINY" selves as much as "SW" and I.
I Can't Wait

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm The Lucky One!

Why so lucky you ask? Because the Walgreen's store close to me put out The Sexy Stars of Twilight a day early and I now own a copy! That's right, in my house, as we speak, there are oodles of pictures of Robert Pattinson, including pull out posters! SCORE!
How did this happen you ask? Well, I originally went to Walgreen's to pick up some photos I had ordered. As I cruised down the aisle that houses magazines, I just looked them over briefly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a magazine with a pic of Rob on the front and thought, briefly to myself, "That pic looks like the one that's going to be on The Sexy Stars of Twilight." But, since it's not suppose to come out until tomorrow, I didn't give it a second glance, not wanting to drop so low that I was checking out Teen Beat magazines. As I continued walking down the aisle, two teenage girls flew around the corner and glued themselves to the magazines. Suddenly, I knew what I had just let slip through my fingers. I turned and saw them reach and pick up the magazine I had looked over. Then I heard it: the sound of a squeal that could only mean someone just saw a gorgeous picture of Robert Pattinson. It couldn't be! It was!


I debated running up to them, ripping it out of their little teenage hands and running to the check out counter. But, I looked down at my child, who was with me at the store, and decided not to give that kind of example. All I need is for my kid to be in therapy in 20 years saying things like, "Mama loved Twilight more then me!"
So, I had no other choice but to cruise the store and see if The Sexy Stars Of Twilight was also up front with the weekly magazines. I looked through the racks as calmly as I could, but to no avail. I braced myself for a fight with teenagers, because there was no way I was leaving the store without that magazine. I walked up to them, making calculations of how I could snatch it, when suddenly I saw it, shining out of the magazine rack like a beacon: One. More. Copy. I grabbed that sucker and the teenage girls beamed huge braces-filled smiles at me.
"It's here! I'm totally getting it!" one of them squealed.
"Me too!" I squealed in response. Little did they know how close then came to getting knocked down.
After paying $10 for a magazine full of posters of actors under 25, I raced to the car and immediately called SP.
"Prepare yourself to be jealous."
"WHAT?" she said (she knew it had to be about Twilight, as we rarely talk about anything else these days).
"I have in my possession....The Sexy Stars of Twilight."
After giving her the details, she immediately got off the phone to cruise her local stores for a copy of her own. Next I called QP. She called her close by Walgreen's and made a poor man walk around the store looking for it. But only my Walgreen's seems unable to read a calender and realize that this piece of twitasticness is not suppose to be out until tomorrow. QP called back in defeat.
"I'm coming over. I need to see it TODAY." she said.

Oh, I am the lucky one.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Moon Movie Tie-In Book Cover- UPDATE

Okay, so evidently the below post is the false cover. The actual cover is something that won't be posted on this blog, because it is way too much Jacob. And we hate Jacob. If you really want to see it (prepare yourself, it will only make you angry and emo), you can check it out here.
Gag me. When you're done looking at that piece of trash, you can come back here and look at this:

You're welcome for erasing that awful book cover image away with a good Bella/Edward image.


New Moon Movie Tie-In Paperback

OMG. This is the new cover for the New Moon book.
Edward, please let me comfort you. Or at least stop trying to "save" Bella from yourself and go back to her immediately. I cannot bare to see you hurt so. Bella, please push Jacob away and run to your one true love and get married and have crazy vampire sex with him and never look back. And Jacob, please just go away. Far away. Forever.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fan Made New Moon Poster: I Like the Pale Side

I love it. Love it. The dark, the light (hello: dark=evil, everyone knows that!). If only Edward would snap that stupid dog's neck...
Image by: Nikitajuice

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vampires Are Dads, Too

Should we be wishing Edward a Happy Father's Day?
I mean how far is too far? How crazy is just a little too crazy? Is it really wrong to wish a 17 year old mythical being who is the father to a half vampire/half human baby girl "Happy Father's Day"? I mean, and I really hate to bring this up, but he is....fictional (I didn't mean it! He's real in our hearts!). Well, crazy or not, I think the photo above kinda rocks, and this is a perfect reason to display it, so......
Happy Father's Day, Edward!
There, I said it. And I probably don't feel as twidiculous as I should.
And I just read this over at Twitarded, and I feel so much more normal. If only I had a mini E. Sigh.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where will YOU be on June 26th?

**WARNING: Exciting news to follow.
Please attempt to control your emotions to avoid looking "twidiculous"**

I can tell you where I'll be on Friday...standing in line to purchase my copy of "The Sexy Stars of Twilight"! Yes, this is a special-edition magazine being published by US Weekly Magazine. It is scheduled for release on Friday, June 26th. Here's the description from Barnes and Noble:

"This special, limited-edition magazine is packed with photos of the Twilight movie stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and features behind-the-scenes info on the filming of the sequel -- New Moon. Seven pull-out posters make it a
must for any Twilight fan! "

**Ok, I give you permission to scream
and jump up and down with excitement **

Will it be embarrassing to buy the magazine, being that we are married, mature, adult women? Maybe a little. But it's so going to be worth it! You can't tell me you don't want one of these babies! I am dying to get a copy! Let me tell you, I rarely buy any magazine...and when I do, it is NEVER a celebrity gossip mag. (Ok, ok, there was that one copy of Teen Beat that I bought when I was 13 years old because it had a photo of Devon Sawa in it!) Anyway, this is a whole magazine devoted to our favorite subject! (If you would like to see a few pages from inside the magazine, including the Table of Contents, just look on the Barnes and Noble website.)

See you in line! (I'll be the woman in her mid-twenties wearing sunglasses and a hat, surrounded by squealing teenagers. )


Friday, June 19, 2009

A compromise

So my husband has finally realized that there is another guy in my life... He has been moping around the house trying to get my attention so I informed him that I love him and we have pics of us all over the house, and if he truly loved me he would allow me to have pics of the other man,Edward. He agreed. So, I am getting posters to hang in my room this afternoon... I know this sounds ridiculous, but my hubby just says if it makes me happy he can live with it.. Of course he rolls his eyes, but he loves to see me glow. He so benefits from this arrangement too. I mean, he is real!!! He is so understanding cause once upon a time I was obsessed with Justin Timberlake and he didn't mind if I had pics of him all over my room. Then I grew out of it and took them down. He feels that I am owed my reality escape and he wont stop me. I mean, what else can he do?? Oh, how lucky I am to have him let me keep my emotional affair with a book going a little while longer.... God I am glad this blog is anonymous.PhotobucketOMG he is so hot!! AB

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eat Like You Live in Forks

"I'll have the ravioli."
"Can I eat you?"

So what if vampires don't eat, these Twilight inspired recipes from Food and Wine are amazing.
From the article:

Fettuccine with Mushrooms, Tarragon, and Goat-Cheese Sauce

After saving her life for a second time, Edward Cullen takes Bella Swan to a quiet diner. Anxious for the waitress to leave them alone, Bella orders the first thing she sees on the menu, mushroom ravioli. This quick and easy vegetarian pasta has a delectably rich-tasting sauce that clings to each strand of fettuccine and requires no cooking.

Grilled Strip Steak and Sweet Potato Hash Browns

In Twilight, the teenage heroine Bella Swan transfers to a new high school, where she begins to fall in love with schoolmate Edward Cullen, gets hunted by a blood-thirsty vampire who wants to kill her, an still finds the time to make home-cooked meals for her father Charlie, the chief of police in Forks, Washington. Charlie's a meat-and-potatoes kind of man, so Bella prepares a fast steak and potato meal like the one in this recipe.

Check out all the recipes here.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angelic Being's BIO

Okay, so I am a 29 mother and wife. The whole twilight saga has taken me to a blissful place far from my own reality. That is truely frightening.. I am so obsessed with the lives in this book that I am now a wife on a mission to keep that feeling going. I don't read that often, but when I finally picked these books up it took all I had to put them down. My husband was so good about it. Even when he had to eat microwavable food like corn dogs and burrito's, he didn't complain. The way he saw it was he could have the tv all to his own. He is no Edward, but I love him all the same. I can't believe a series of books could make one person feel the way I do. I am almost embarassed of the way these books control my mind. How silly. IDK!!! I feel that sometimes all of us need a reality escape once in a while. I think I found mine. Forget the alcohol, bring on the twilight saga.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Are the changes okay?
I made the banner myself, so now no one can harrasses for using their images.


Breaking Dawn, Ghetto Style

Check it out. QP and I nearly died laughing.

(Got it posted!)


Bella's Lullaby

Just thought I would post this. The most beautiful song EVER!!! "QP"
edward cullen piano small bella's lullaby Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, June 15, 2009

RPattz Under Attack!

Our very own Robert Pattinson was mobbed by a few crazy fans today while trying to film in NYC! You can find more detailed info and additional pictures, as well as a link to the video at ROBsessed.

Poor Rob...if you're going to get groped by someone, at least you would hope it's a hot girl! Instead, he gets these three chicks:

I mean, how old do you think they are?? The Blue one looks trashy, like a middle-age woman who still tries to buy her clothes in the Juniors section. I'm glad the body guard pinched her! (Don't you think that's what it looks like he's doing?)

Take a look at the next pic...Plaid Chick jumps on Rob's back!

...And he continues to try to smile during the whole thing. Because he's a perfect gentleman!

How irritating! Have these women no respect?? I'm embarrassed for them. Ugh.

...And of course, totally jealous! **Sigh**


Read It!

The following links are for pieces of fan fiction. Evidently, there are a lot of people out there even more obsessed then us and can't handle that the books are over, so they write their own stories about the Twilight characters. I was a little reluctant to read anything, because there is some weird stuff out there, but both of these are really good.

This one is an extension of Midnight Sun, all in Edward's perspective. Awesome:

This one is really short, but it's from Jasper's view after he loses Bella at the airport in Phoenix:

Hope you like them!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maybe I Could Hire Him To Walk My Dogs

Kellan Lutz (aka Emmett) out walking his dog. Lucky dog.
HOT. For lack of a better word.
Enjoy. (I know QP will) ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shopping Adventures Of Twilight Addicts

Today, QP and I went to the mall (sans children. Score!) to do a little summer clothes shopping. After being normal and checking out The Gap and Old Navy, we decided to check out...Hot Topic. Why you ask? Because of this front display:

Oh yes, we could not pass this up.

As we snapped the photo above, the sales guy (who was way cooler then us with his black clothes and spiky hair and chains on his jeans) asked us just why we wanted to take a picture of the New Moon display? Without skipping a beat, QP announced "We're obsessed with Twilight." He was kind enough not to laugh at us.

As we cruised the aisles in the midst of punk rocked out teenagers, we gleefully found more Twilight merchandise.

So tempting...a bag that represents true love.

We were tempted to buy the Edward and Bella action figures, but resisted. But then we happened upon the tee shirts. We dove in, looking for Team Edward and Forks High shirts, giggling and getting just a *tad* excited. It was then that it occurred to me that we might be viewed as twidiculous by the other store occupants. I took inventory of how we were dressed. QP was clad in a pink tank top and white plastic sunglasses. I was wearing pearl earrings and khaki pants. We both wore our wedding rings. And to top it all off, we were making noises that were close to squealing over tee shirts. Not your typical Hot Topic shoppers. I started laughing at just how embarrassed I should be by this situation. But I had no time to be embarrassed. I was busy looking for a Twilight tee.

As we went to check out, again I realized that we were a little out of our element. The cashier had a nose ring of the type and size that is usually worn by a bull. He was polite enough to not comment on our purchases.

As we were leaving the store, we began to wonder if perhaps we should of done something in the store to make us more Hot Topic appropriate. Should we have been swearing loudly to prove that we too had what it takes to be punk rock? Should we have pretended to be 16? Claimed we we're buying things for our "niece?" Worn black?

Should we be more embarrassed to be Twilight fans?

Nope. Because look at what we scored:

QP's Shirt.

SW's find.


The Swan Princess' Bio

Who would have thought that a simple trip to Barnes and Noble would forever change my life as I knew it? But that’s exactly what happened on that fateful day when I picked up a copy of a YA novel entitled Twilight...

“Why not?” I thought to myself innocently. “The movie previews looked decent.”

As I walked to the counter with my husband to pay, I was a little embarrassed to hand the book to the cashier. Much to my relief, she didn’t seem curious as to why I would be purchasing a novel written for teenagers, and we were soon hurrying to our car with the book tucked safely inside the green plastic bag.

Later that afternoon, I grabbed the book and got comfortable on the couch. It’s a good thing I got comfortable, because I spent the rest of the evening and some of the next day in that spot until I reached the last pages of the novel. As soon as I finished, I got in my car to drive back to the bookstore for the next book. The following week was a whirlwind of sparkling vampires, fast cars, giant wolves, exciting battles, and best of all, eternal love. After that, I just couldn’t get enough. I watched the movie, I looked at the websites, I talked to anyone and everyone that would listen to my obsessive, vampire-filled ramblings.

So began my love affair with Edward Cullen and everything Twilight. My life will never be the same…because now it’s so much better!

Now, there’s a certain person in my life that may not agree I’ve changed for the better. Namely my husband, who seems to have developed a disdain towards gorgeous vampires, clumsy teenage girls, and the town of Forks, WA. Thank goodness I have my dear friends to support and encourage me in these hard times!



Robert Pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos
I am happily married. I am happily married. I am happily married.

Good GOD he is good looking.


Photo by: savygirl84

Friday, June 12, 2009


hahaha Pictures, Images and Photos

i hate jakob black Pictures, Images and Photos

i hate Jacob Pictures, Images and Photos

It's not that i hate Jacob Pictures, Images and Photos

Hope you all share these emotions with me!!!

Snow White's Bio

Once upon a time, in a big, shitty city, there was a girl named Snow White. SW thought she had it all-a loving husband, a sweet child, a nice home. But then she read the Twilight Saga and realized how much she was missing. She looked at her husband and started thinking things like "Why don't you sparkle?" and "Why haven't you bought me an island and named it after me?" She looked at her child and thought "Why can't you do back flips while taking down a herd of deer with your bare teeth?" So SW turned to her friends, who were having the same thoughts. And after looking at Twilight related websites, watching the movie over and over and over, and spending hours analyzing if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating in real life, they started this blog. SW lived happily ever after in her fake reality of a vampire infested world.

Guys of Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Any of you can offer SW a poison apple any day.



twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
**I was just a typical housewife with a loving husband and two adorable children. Life was great.......SO I THOUGHT!


I had seen the previews for the Twilight movie and thought," Hmm... that looks pretty good. Kinda teeny bopperish but good." I decided it would probably be better just to wait till it came out on DVD. So then came the night.. The kids were tucked in bed and the husband and I decided to watch this, "TWILIGHT". Yes, I know I cheated and watched the movie before I read the books, but OMG either way I was completely and utterly HOOKED.

The next day I called SW and proceeded to tell her how great this movie was. She decided we should start our own little book club. So we got the first book, Had agreed we would only read 3 to 4 chapters a night then discuss the following day. So much for that, I finished that book and ran up to the nearest store to get "NEW MOON" w/o SW. This is how the remaining 2 books went as well. Except I finished "ECLIPSE" in one day.

This is how my TWILIGHT OBSESSION ALL BEGAN and now my life is forever altered. Suddenly my husband isn't as hot as I once thought, and my kids not as gifted. I suddenly have an infatuation/crush on this 17 year old scraggly vampire with way too much hair ( not usually my type) BUT OH HOW BEAUTIFUL!! And I am on a mission for the black Ray Bans. Just to feel as if I carry a piece of him with me. Who cares if they are over priced.

A few times I have stepped out of my Twilight element and realized just how crazy this has all become, But all is good.... I have a fantasy world with Romance, Beautiful Vampires, Lush Living, ETC.... that I can frequently escape to through out the day. My day is just not complete without my "TWILIGHT FIX". It's my HEROIN and I'm an ADDICT!!!!!
Peace, Love, Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

The Best 53 Seconds Ever.

My life just got a little brighter. Or should I say sparklier.

Did anyone else just die a little?

Video by VampWhoDoesntSparkle

New Moon Trailer

November cannot get here f'ing fast enough.

Twilight Trailer: Still Awesome

Cause what's a Twilight blog without the Twilight Trailer?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Just What is "Twidiculous"?

Bear with us as we get this blog up and running.

Until then, here are some ways you can tell if you are Twidiculous.

You might be Twidiculous if.... stay up late, searching the Internet for sexy pictures of Robert Pattinson, which then results in you dreaming of your husband cheating on you, and makes you feel as if you deserve it.

....your husband is jealous of a book. Actually, four books.

....your husband threatens to kill Edward Cullen (too bad he can't run that fast). get mad at your husband for falling asleep while watching Twilight (who cares if he's seen it three times this week, he obviously has no regard for your feelings). get annoyed with girls that are ten years younger then you for being Team Jacob (and if you are reading this and are Team Jacob, two word for you: Go Away.).'ll buy any magazine with the idea of a picture of one of the Twilight/New Moon cast members. feel you're depriving your 5 year old child of something truly great by not allowing her to watch Twilight, but your husband insists that it's not a children's movie.

So yeah, these things have actually happened to us. This is what it means to be Twidiculous. More to come....