Monday, June 15, 2009

RPattz Under Attack!

Our very own Robert Pattinson was mobbed by a few crazy fans today while trying to film in NYC! You can find more detailed info and additional pictures, as well as a link to the video at ROBsessed.

Poor Rob...if you're going to get groped by someone, at least you would hope it's a hot girl! Instead, he gets these three chicks:

I mean, how old do you think they are?? The Blue one looks trashy, like a middle-age woman who still tries to buy her clothes in the Juniors section. I'm glad the body guard pinched her! (Don't you think that's what it looks like he's doing?)

Take a look at the next pic...Plaid Chick jumps on Rob's back!

...And he continues to try to smile during the whole thing. Because he's a perfect gentleman!

How irritating! Have these women no respect?? I'm embarrassed for them. Ugh.

...And of course, totally jealous! **Sigh**



  1. Seriously bitches. Kristen Stewart is so going to kick your asses.


  2. ~SP~
    This is so great! I laughed so hard, and yes he is totally pinching "TRASHY GIRL". I would totally be the AF girl in the back smiling unconditionally but secrety wanting to jump in on the action, but way to afraid to get hurt by the the mob or the Pinching Body Guards. But I think I would have at least had to try to snatch the RAY BANS.....
    Poor Girls it's just ridiculous. But I to am completly Jealous.

  3. I'd also like to point out that it is way embarrassing that the girl has on fake Ray Bans. What is her thought process? "Oh I'll wear sunglasses just like Rob and he'll totally want to be with me!" Ah, NO!



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