Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vampires Are Dads, Too

Should we be wishing Edward a Happy Father's Day?
I mean how far is too far? How crazy is just a little too crazy? Is it really wrong to wish a 17 year old mythical being who is the father to a half vampire/half human baby girl "Happy Father's Day"? I mean, and I really hate to bring this up, but he is....fictional (I didn't mean it! He's real in our hearts!). Well, crazy or not, I think the photo above kinda rocks, and this is a perfect reason to display it, so......
Happy Father's Day, Edward!
There, I said it. And I probably don't feel as twidiculous as I should.
And I just read this over at Twitarded, and I feel so much more normal. If only I had a mini E. Sigh.



  1. I don't know why you would feel TWITARDED!! I mean, isn't that what this blog is for??? I love the pic... I am so feeling your enthusiasm. We are all a little O.C.D when it comes to Edward. AB

  2. Yes, Happy Father's Day Edward! And a belated Happy Birthday as well. :)

    Don't you think that in this pic Bella looks like Avril Lavigne?


  3. SP-
    Hush! Avril Lavigne has nothing on Vampire Bella. :)



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