Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where will YOU be on June 26th?

**WARNING: Exciting news to follow.
Please attempt to control your emotions to avoid looking "twidiculous"**

I can tell you where I'll be on Friday...standing in line to purchase my copy of "The Sexy Stars of Twilight"! Yes, this is a special-edition magazine being published by US Weekly Magazine. It is scheduled for release on Friday, June 26th. Here's the description from Barnes and Noble:

"This special, limited-edition magazine is packed with photos of the Twilight movie stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and features behind-the-scenes info on the filming of the sequel -- New Moon. Seven pull-out posters make it a
must for any Twilight fan! "

**Ok, I give you permission to scream
and jump up and down with excitement **

Will it be embarrassing to buy the magazine, being that we are married, mature, adult women? Maybe a little. But it's so going to be worth it! You can't tell me you don't want one of these babies! I am dying to get a copy! Let me tell you, I rarely buy any magazine...and when I do, it is NEVER a celebrity gossip mag. (Ok, ok, there was that one copy of Teen Beat that I bought when I was 13 years old because it had a photo of Devon Sawa in it!) Anyway, this is a whole magazine devoted to our favorite subject! (If you would like to see a few pages from inside the magazine, including the Table of Contents, just look on the Barnes and Noble website.)

See you in line! (I'll be the woman in her mid-twenties wearing sunglasses and a hat, surrounded by squealing teenagers. )


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  1. SP: I heart you so much for this. So much.



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