Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm The Lucky One!

Why so lucky you ask? Because the Walgreen's store close to me put out The Sexy Stars of Twilight a day early and I now own a copy! That's right, in my house, as we speak, there are oodles of pictures of Robert Pattinson, including pull out posters! SCORE!
How did this happen you ask? Well, I originally went to Walgreen's to pick up some photos I had ordered. As I cruised down the aisle that houses magazines, I just looked them over briefly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a magazine with a pic of Rob on the front and thought, briefly to myself, "That pic looks like the one that's going to be on The Sexy Stars of Twilight." But, since it's not suppose to come out until tomorrow, I didn't give it a second glance, not wanting to drop so low that I was checking out Teen Beat magazines. As I continued walking down the aisle, two teenage girls flew around the corner and glued themselves to the magazines. Suddenly, I knew what I had just let slip through my fingers. I turned and saw them reach and pick up the magazine I had looked over. Then I heard it: the sound of a squeal that could only mean someone just saw a gorgeous picture of Robert Pattinson. It couldn't be! It was!


I debated running up to them, ripping it out of their little teenage hands and running to the check out counter. But, I looked down at my child, who was with me at the store, and decided not to give that kind of example. All I need is for my kid to be in therapy in 20 years saying things like, "Mama loved Twilight more then me!"
So, I had no other choice but to cruise the store and see if The Sexy Stars Of Twilight was also up front with the weekly magazines. I looked through the racks as calmly as I could, but to no avail. I braced myself for a fight with teenagers, because there was no way I was leaving the store without that magazine. I walked up to them, making calculations of how I could snatch it, when suddenly I saw it, shining out of the magazine rack like a beacon: One. More. Copy. I grabbed that sucker and the teenage girls beamed huge braces-filled smiles at me.
"It's here! I'm totally getting it!" one of them squealed.
"Me too!" I squealed in response. Little did they know how close then came to getting knocked down.
After paying $10 for a magazine full of posters of actors under 25, I raced to the car and immediately called SP.
"Prepare yourself to be jealous."
"WHAT?" she said (she knew it had to be about Twilight, as we rarely talk about anything else these days).
"I have in my possession....The Sexy Stars of Twilight."
After giving her the details, she immediately got off the phone to cruise her local stores for a copy of her own. Next I called QP. She called her close by Walgreen's and made a poor man walk around the store looking for it. But only my Walgreen's seems unable to read a calender and realize that this piece of twitasticness is not suppose to be out until tomorrow. QP called back in defeat.
"I'm coming over. I need to see it TODAY." she said.

Oh, I am the lucky one.


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  1. Me and Bitches totally squealed with delight and started jumping up and down in the middle of Barnes and Noble. It was awesome. The middle-aged men sitting in the Starbucks didn't look too amused though...


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