Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Moon Movie Tie-In Book Cover- UPDATE

Okay, so evidently the below post is the false cover. The actual cover is something that won't be posted on this blog, because it is way too much Jacob. And we hate Jacob. If you really want to see it (prepare yourself, it will only make you angry and emo), you can check it out here.
Gag me. When you're done looking at that piece of trash, you can come back here and look at this:

You're welcome for erasing that awful book cover image away with a good Bella/Edward image.



  1. Ok, so I innocently looked at the cover...and then screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" It was horrible! I am thinking maybe the person designing the cover didn't really understand the Bella/Jacob relationship? And that barely even looks like Edward in the moon. It makes me shudder...

    I am totally shocked and disappointed.


  2. OK THIS FREAKING SUCKS!!!!! This is just awful. There is so much about this that is wrong. Mainly that Bella and Jacob are in this passionate embrace... UMMMMM NOOOOOO. And, is that supposed to be Edward in the moon. It does him no justice at all. And why are the wolves in the background? Who gives a shit about those DOGS!! I'm convinced the person responsible for designing this cover, hasn't read the "Twilight Saga" at all. I'm highly upset!!! This just DOES NOT work for me at all!!!!!!!!!



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