Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Sparklers

Hi fellow twidics! We're starting a new column here at Twidiculous Wives called Saturday Sparklers. This will just be a run down of twitastic stories from the Twilight blogosphere for the week. Just click on the links and you can find all sort of twifabulousness (That was a lot of "twi" words. Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away.).

Here we go:

Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife: Mini E Prepares for A Romantic Evening Read it. You will laugh so hard it hurts.

New Moon Movie: New Moon Cover Update: Two New Editions The Case of the Right New Moon Book Cover is solved.

Lauren's Bite: Things to Come... The video is worth the trip over to the site. Ray Bans, people, Ray Bans.

Fan Fiction: Ten Things Emmett Can't Ever Do. A short piece of fan fiction, from Emmett's point of view, when he decides that Edward is...different...from his brothers. Oh so funny.

Enjoy. And trust me, you will.


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