Friday, June 12, 2009


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**I was just a typical housewife with a loving husband and two adorable children. Life was great.......SO I THOUGHT!


I had seen the previews for the Twilight movie and thought," Hmm... that looks pretty good. Kinda teeny bopperish but good." I decided it would probably be better just to wait till it came out on DVD. So then came the night.. The kids were tucked in bed and the husband and I decided to watch this, "TWILIGHT". Yes, I know I cheated and watched the movie before I read the books, but OMG either way I was completely and utterly HOOKED.

The next day I called SW and proceeded to tell her how great this movie was. She decided we should start our own little book club. So we got the first book, Had agreed we would only read 3 to 4 chapters a night then discuss the following day. So much for that, I finished that book and ran up to the nearest store to get "NEW MOON" w/o SW. This is how the remaining 2 books went as well. Except I finished "ECLIPSE" in one day.

This is how my TWILIGHT OBSESSION ALL BEGAN and now my life is forever altered. Suddenly my husband isn't as hot as I once thought, and my kids not as gifted. I suddenly have an infatuation/crush on this 17 year old scraggly vampire with way too much hair ( not usually my type) BUT OH HOW BEAUTIFUL!! And I am on a mission for the black Ray Bans. Just to feel as if I carry a piece of him with me. Who cares if they are over priced.

A few times I have stepped out of my Twilight element and realized just how crazy this has all become, But all is good.... I have a fantasy world with Romance, Beautiful Vampires, Lush Living, ETC.... that I can frequently escape to through out the day. My day is just not complete without my "TWILIGHT FIX". It's my HEROIN and I'm an ADDICT!!!!!
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