Saturday, June 27, 2009


The long debate on whether we will or will not get the Miniatures of Edward and Bella is over. "SW" and I have decided we have to have them!!! It's going to be great. We have many adventures we will be taking them on, in which some Tiny- B will be left behind. But Tiny-B and Tiny-E are each others one true love so she will not fault us for this.

What kind of adventures, you ask...OH THERE WILL BE MANY. We have extensive plans for both Tiny- E and Tiny-B. Some include Camping, Cliff Diving, Fishing, Hunting, Trips to the Zoo, Romantic Dinners in their lavish house. And MANY more......... Eventually they will be going out of state to visit "SP" and various other friends who will appreciate their plastic "TINY" selves as much as "SW" and I.
I Can't Wait


  1. It will be EXCELLENT.


  2. Oh, I am SO ready to take our Twidiculous-ness to the next level!! Can't wait for Tiny-E and Tiny-B!!!



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