Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shopping Adventures Of Twilight Addicts

Today, QP and I went to the mall (sans children. Score!) to do a little summer clothes shopping. After being normal and checking out The Gap and Old Navy, we decided to check out...Hot Topic. Why you ask? Because of this front display:

Oh yes, we could not pass this up.

As we snapped the photo above, the sales guy (who was way cooler then us with his black clothes and spiky hair and chains on his jeans) asked us just why we wanted to take a picture of the New Moon display? Without skipping a beat, QP announced "We're obsessed with Twilight." He was kind enough not to laugh at us.

As we cruised the aisles in the midst of punk rocked out teenagers, we gleefully found more Twilight merchandise.

So tempting...a bag that represents true love.

We were tempted to buy the Edward and Bella action figures, but resisted. But then we happened upon the tee shirts. We dove in, looking for Team Edward and Forks High shirts, giggling and getting just a *tad* excited. It was then that it occurred to me that we might be viewed as twidiculous by the other store occupants. I took inventory of how we were dressed. QP was clad in a pink tank top and white plastic sunglasses. I was wearing pearl earrings and khaki pants. We both wore our wedding rings. And to top it all off, we were making noises that were close to squealing over tee shirts. Not your typical Hot Topic shoppers. I started laughing at just how embarrassed I should be by this situation. But I had no time to be embarrassed. I was busy looking for a Twilight tee.

As we went to check out, again I realized that we were a little out of our element. The cashier had a nose ring of the type and size that is usually worn by a bull. He was polite enough to not comment on our purchases.

As we were leaving the store, we began to wonder if perhaps we should of done something in the store to make us more Hot Topic appropriate. Should we have been swearing loudly to prove that we too had what it takes to be punk rock? Should we have pretended to be 16? Claimed we we're buying things for our "niece?" Worn black?

Should we be more embarrassed to be Twilight fans?

Nope. Because look at what we scored:

QP's Shirt.

SW's find.



  1. I wish I was with you girls! But alas, I will have to venture to the HT on my own to get a shirt...


  2. I want a shirt like that... I am so going this weekend to buy all I can. Oh I am so twihigh... I might even buy the action figures while I am there. OH so sad. AB


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