Friday, August 28, 2009

I Heart The Beautiful Bastard

I mentioned in last week's Saturday Sparklers that I just started reading the fan fic piece The Office by tby789. What I should have said is that I love every single, lemon-filled word of it and basically want to be transported into the story in the role of Bella.
I want to be you. Badly.
The Office is panty melting HOT. A delicious, mouth-watering lemon waits for you in every chapter. Edward Cullen is a bastard, and Bella is a bit of a bitch, and when that bursts into passion filled, mind blowing sex sessions, my oh my. Panties, puddle on the floor.

Is this proper work attire? It is if you want your hot boss to screw you on the conference table.

And if the amazing sex scenes weren't enough, The Office is actually really well written. Really well. The story is fantastic. I won't give anything away, because you should go read it yourself, and I don't want to spoil all the excellence for you (hey, I might not be pure about everything, but I won't spoil a perfectly good, smutty piece of fanfic for you). The flip flop chapters between Edward and Bella's POVs add even more to the story, because getting to see both sides of this story? Excellent, indeed.

Let us end with this: this is the person you can be thinking about while you reading all the smuttastic chapters. A tasty end thought, no? You're welcome.

Hello ladies. I'm looking for an assistant. Anyone interested?

I know that tby789 already has a big following, so perhaps you have already started reading The Office and are anxiously awaiting new chapters. But if you haven't, you must read The Office. You can thank me later.


  1. How do I say this? Ah, ok, I FUCKING LOVE THIS STORY! She just posted chapter 17 last night and I'm going to read it RIGHT NOW! There is nothing better than the Beautiful Bastard!

  2. @ Latchkey: Read Chapter 17 last night! Love crazy jealous Edward. LOVE him.


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