Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Wedding Dress For Bella: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF

Warning: Breaking Dawn SPOILER. (Well, fashion-wise at least.)

InStyle has done a feature with sketches of designer wedding dresses for Bella. Let's review, Twidic Style.

The Good:

The Lela Rose dress (L) is young, but still has that Victorian feel to it. And the Monique Lhuilliar(R) dress is a modern twist on the whole Anne of Green Gables look. It's probably the most like the book description, in my opinion.

The Bad:

Sorry Prabal Gurung (L), but that dress is ridiculous. Seriously, did you even read Stephanie Meyer's description? Because I don't think "Bella's ass hung out of her modern wedding dress" was part of the story. And Badgley Mischka (R)? It also didn't say Edward was marrying someones grandmother.
The What the Fuck:

Brian Reyes, I haven't even heard of you, but me thinks you might not be a fashion designer. Maybe I don't have enough high-end fashion cred (which is, in fact, quite likely) but I don't see any type of dress in this hot mess of a sketch. Bella can't wear a scribble on her wedding day. Sorry Brian.

You can click here to see the rest.


  1. you guys have me in stitches, not only are you incredibly honest but funny and sarcastic as hell. I love your twitter and your web page. it's nice to know there are people who see the world a lot like I do. God Bless and keep up the good work. may the stupid people of the world never cross your path and that includes the inbred dummies too :)

  2. @ Kmoravec4455: Wow. Thanks! (I know, completely unoriginal. but true, nonetheless.)

  3. So, what did you guys think of the dress that Bella ended up wearing?


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