Friday, September 4, 2009

Excuses and Such

An apology from the Wives:

Sorry folks (all 3 of you!). We know, our posts are few and far between as of late. Life is crazy. Most of us are Army wives, and lets just say it's not good times these days. We're trying to be good little wifeys and that cuts into bloggy time. And school started. One of us is a teacher, two of us have little monsters that now need our help getting ready in the morning to make it there (the things kids expect of you). Between deadlines and school and work, we are ignoring our blog (but at least SP and SW are still getting in quality fanfic reading time). Combined all that with a serious case of bloggy block on all fronts and, well, you get this. Very few posts and a drop in our rating as Top Twilight blog spot (not that we were ever very high, mind you). Sniffle, tear.

Not to worry! We promise, more blogs to come soon. We do have some adventures from this summer with the Tinys that need still to be posted, and with New Moon only 76 days away, we should have plenty to write about. Because, seriously people, we can only hold back from this affair for so long. Twilight always gets us to come back for more, even if it is wrong. Sorry DHs. wink wink.

We'll leave you with this:

Forgive us? Come back and read us soon? Okaythanksbye.

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  1. I hear ya ladies! RL has been kicking my ass and I have had serious bloggy block as well. But, no worries, I know you will all be back and better than ever!


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