Thursday, October 1, 2009

A To Do List...

Say it with me now: next month New Moon will be in theaters!

And since QP and I are officially crazy-with-a-capital-K enough to be going to the midnight showing, we have started composing a to-do list of things we need before, during, and after this monumental event. (When I say "started," I really mean edit. We've had our to-do list since March when we first read Twilight and found out the release date for New Moon.) We thought we'd share our list with you all:

To Do (For New Moon):
1. New Team Edward tee shirts. Because our old ones aren't going to cut it. We need something that announces our affiliation to Team Edward and perhaps plugs our blog. Something original, yet classy.
2. Car Markers. So we can decorate the car (duh) we will be driving to the theater. We're thinking "Edward is a VILF" across the back window.
3. Charge the travel DVD player/bring the Twilight movie. Since we will be showing up at that movie theater hours before showtime in order to get a prime seat for ourselves and the Tinys, we plan on taking a DVD player and Twilight. To pump us up. And pray that New Moon is better.
4. Alcohol. Because we're going to the midnight showing, which will be full of screaming, horrible teenagers and tweens. We're debating flask or coke bottle filled.
5. A babysitter. We need to find a new one. Requirements: Must have read The Twilight Saga, be Team Edward, and not a drunk/pedophile/drug user.
6. The Tinys. Because they deserve to see their full size selves on the big screen, am I right? And because what true twidiculous person is going to miss a photo op like that? Not us, fo sho.
7. Snacks, including some sort of round, hard candy ( M&Ms?). To nourish ourselves and to throw at aforementioned teenagers if they get too rowdy.
8. Re-read New Moon. Again. Just to get everything clear and be able to complain if they mess anything exceptionaly important up. (Note to movie editors/screen writer/director: Jacob and Bella-it was an almost kiss, do you hear me? ALMOST. Not a real one. Also, I better see Alice and Jacob arguing. And a proposal. Thank you.)
9. Camera and Laptop. To be able to update the blog as we wait and as soon as we leave. (Oh, maybe we won't need to bring the DVD player...)
10. Enjoy this movie. Because surely they can't mess it up as much as they did Twilight.

We originally planned to take all four books with us, but that's just too much shit to carry around. And originally, our group was going to bigger, but unfortunately, some of our Twidiculous friends weren't able to fly down here to watch it with us. But that's okay, QP and I can bring it hard enough for about 10 people.

What are you taking to/need to do before New Moon?

Next month!



  1. WOOT! Your list is extremely thorough. May I make a few suggestions?

    -Duct tape for the tweenie sitting next to you who won't shut the hell up.
    -A bottle of pain killers. I see you are bring alcohol so no need for water to suck those down with.
    -And a pillow, so you can smoother to death anyone who annoys you. Also it will make a great cushion for sitting in the hallway whilst you wait all the live long day. You know, if you have a Team Edward pillow you could be sitting on his face all day long... lovely thought huh?

    Just a few friendly suggestions. I'll be packing all three with me this time. ;)

  2. @ Cutie: A pillow is a fantastic idea. And sitting on Robward's face all day while I wait is a loverly thought.

  3. It's gonna freaking ROCK. I think you pretty much covered everything. I have my date...Cant go to something like this w/o my "RUG" lol.... Mr. SW better be here for the kiddies damn it.

  4. *sniffles* I wanna go too!!! :( Who the hell is going to go to the midnight showing with me in this stupid town?!!!

  5. LMAO! Your list looks just about right, it even gave me some ideas for our midnight showing group. I will have one other adult and 2 tweens with me and I'm am the worst one of the group when it comes to the love for all things Twilight! They are going to need the ducktape for me (to keep me in my chair so I'm not screen humping giant Edward!)


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