Friday, September 25, 2009

Tiny B Meets Frosting Goddess Tanya

She's been trying to avoid it. But Tiny E insisted that Tiny B meet Tanya. Tiny B has been nervous. After all, she's always frowning because that headband of hers is giving her a headache and her little plastic shoes are ugly. Not the exact attire you want to be wearing when you meet a beautiful female vamp that once made a play for your sunglasses clad Tiny hottie. But Tiny E insisted that Tanya was "family." Tiny B asked Tiny E what to expect. All he would say is that Tanya is tall, blond, and sweet.

Tiny B: I feel frumpy.

Tiny E: You're beautiful.

Tanya: But I am a sugar goddess.



  1. LOL! This that is too funny. :)

    "Tanya, the toothache of Tiny E's life."

  2. @ Tasha: "toothache of Tiny E's life"! Girly, you are pure genius.

  3. Wow. I love it. Tanya looks so sweet. LOL


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