Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweeeeet! And, HOT.

It's been a crappy week. Things keep going wrong. Very wrong. But then, I walk into my local Walgreens and once again they come out victorious. Because, although it's not suppose to be out until Friday, this was out on stands:

I grabbed two copies (one for me and one for QP). Might I add, the ONLY two copies. And as I did my happy dance, thanked my lucky stars that Walgreens workers have no concept of correct dates for magazine releases, and assured the cashier, that yes, I did know I had two copies of the magazine, I realized that no matter how bad a week is, hottie pics of Robert Pattinson can makes things a little brighter.



  1. I'm so glad that Twilight & stupid people at Walgreens could improve your crappy week.

    I not only try to convert people at work to the Twi-side, I make a point of spreading as much twi-cheer as possible. Usually in the form of hawt pictures of Robert, Kellan or Jacob. Yes, some of my recent converts are Team Jacob. Just goes to show there is no accounting for taste

  2. @ Mom: You sound like the best friend/co-worker ever.


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