Sunday, October 18, 2009

Summit Wants All of Twitarded's Merch For It's Own!

This morning, I got on the computer, and did what I do most (okay, every) morning. I ran through my Twilight blog list to see what everyone is up to. And to my horror and great annoyance: this. Evidently, the girls over at Twitarded are having The Man come down on them. Seems to be that Summit Entertainment thinks they own Twitarded's personal images, to include the picture in their header and on all their merchandise. An image that was created by Snarky's Mr. Snarky. Does Summit also think they own everything with the word Twi in it? Because let me tell you something: the production company that decided to replace Rachelle Lafevre as Victoria doesn't own MY blog.

Twitarded holds a special place in my heart. They were the first Twilight-related blog I found that was more then just paparazzi clips and leaked movie info. JJ and STY introduced me to the world of smart, hilarious, non-teenager bloggers who are out there with an undying love for all things Twilight. And the fact that Summit would come down on such makers of joy, pissed me the fuck off.
Tiny E throws his hands up in disgust. He'd be giving the man the finger, but they don't pose. Trust, he's thinking about it though.

Perhaps Summit realizes the greatness that is JJ and STY. I just bet they are taking claim to all that merch and hording it for themselves. They are walking around their little production office with Twitarded buttons and drinking their coffee out of Twitarded mugs and have their keys attached to Twitarded key chains. Greedy mofos. What about the rest of us? Pay for it like everyone else, movie-making bitches! Those buttons only cost a $1.50!

And since they only cost $1.50, I say go now and get yours. Before they take them all away.

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