Monday, July 20, 2009

too old to be so obsessed!!

Well, as most of you know I just celebrated a rather important birthday last week. While most people like to embrace turning 30, I would rather have my eyes poked with needles!! As I started my week off as a 30 year old woman I decided to take a trip with a friend to Walmart so I could purchase another Twilight Mag. for my collection when across the way of the mag. aisles I noticed a large rotating shelf and on it hung buttons with Edwards beautiful face all over it. I started to sprint to the other side when out of nowhere came a group of 20 something bitches and snatched all the buttons off that shelf... Oh, I was about to chase them all down and the next thing I know, I am on the ground with a little pain in my arm. At that point I realized that I had fallen down.. OMG!!! I guess that is what turning old means, you fall at the slightest moment of anger and rage. By thetime I picked myself up, those girls were gone and along with them, all the Twilight buttons. But, on a positive ending to this most tragic start of my new age, I was able to find some more buttons at another walmart... I may be 30 now, but that dark age will not sway me from being just as Twidiculous as I ever was.. ~AB


  1. Oh sweet baby Jesus! I too turned the dreaded 30 this year as well. Keep on being twidiculous!

  2. LOL Well, I turned thirty as well this year. I, however, will probably annoy the hell out of you because I not only love it, but I was calling myself thirty long before it had occurred. The moment was joyfully met and easily forgotten. In fact, I've always felt as if I were stuck at nineteen. I've never felt older then that. But anyway, I am glad you got your twi-on and found those buttons. Next time stick your tongue out of those 20 somethings and grab your freaking twi-gear. The End. :D

  3. Being in your thirties is great! Trust me!

    Unless you're ass falls down to your knees, like mine did. then it kinda sucks.

    Oh wait, I'm sorry, I meant to cheer you up. ;)

    If it makes you feel any better, I will be 32 in a couple of months. As far as I'm concerned (and I learned this from my Oma) the older you are the more license you have to be a total jerk. See? Some things DO get better with age.

    And happy belated birthday, btw. As we always say, we're not just Twitarded, we're Twitardy.


  4. 30 is the 20! Imagine being 20 again, now that is some scary shit. Could you fully be obssessed with Edward in such a passionate way at 20 NO WAY! Happy Bday, knock those little 20 year old bitches down and git yourself a button


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