Sunday, July 12, 2009

Romantic Moments, Tiny Style

Oh Bella and Edward. You are so in love. Observe their Tiny style devotion*.

Gazing into each others' eyes.

Tree talk.

A walk through the forest.

And of course, the meadow.

*Twidic Note: These images won't always be so gooey. We just got our Tinys and are a *tad* bit excited. Random pictures have ensued. Trust me, the Tinys will be doing much more amusing things in the very near future.

~SW and "QP"


  1. These just make me smile, lol! :)


  2. Hello, I am a "TWIDICULOUS HUSBAND", Jacob so deserves to be with Bella. Why is Edward not sparkeling in that picture in the meadow?
    Twidiculous Husband- STONE WOLF


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