Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Edward Cullen Love

SP and I have discovered a gold(en eye) mine: Edward Cullen Love on Facebook! Now, of course, SP and I cannot reveal our Facebook names here, since this blog is anonymous. I mean, people know we like Twilight, but not that were so obsessed that we have dedicated a whole blog to it. We have to live with our husbands after all, and if they knew we were searching the Internet for hotass pics of Robert Pattinson and wondering what our life would be like if we ran off with a teenage vampire, well, things might not be so pleasant at home.

Anyhoo, Edward Cullen Love. It's a Facebook application where you can send your friends Edward Cullen things. Things like kisses and prom dates and fighting off evil vampires (because since I'm an adult and all, I totally need a prom date). SP and I have been going back and forth with our little "gifts." And really, it's too much fun sending little icon pics of Twilight movie stills.
Hello Wives, like a ride?
Our fave so far? "Edward Cullen breaks the rules to be with you!" Because, who doesn't love the scene where Edward pulls up in the Volvo and Spotlight is playing and he tells Bella he's going to hell anyway? That's what I thought. Because wouldn't we all love to catch a drive in the Volvo with Robward? And maybe take a drive out in the woods and run out of gas and it be cold and then be forced to use each others body's for warmth except of course Edward would be all ice cold and then we'd have to start getting physical to stay warm...where was I?
Oh right. So, if you have a Facebook account, check out the Edward Cullen Love application.


  1. Ah yes, the Edward Cullen Love - you may not be able to get it in real life but leave it up to Facebook to send some your way! LOL!

  2. It's so sad that Edward always seems to have issues when it comes to getting physical, however my friend Jacob will warm you after making sure Bella is warm.


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