Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Will I Find Time For Work?

For those of you who don’t know, I am a teacher. Yes, I am a shaper of young (ages three-to-five years-old, to be exact) minds. Being that school is out for the summer, I have A LOT of free time to spend doing various Twilight-related activities. What kind of activities, you ask? I would be happy to share a few:

1.) (Re)reading Twilight. And New Moon. And Eclipse. And Breaking Dawn. And Midnight Sun.

2.) Spending endless hours engrossed in Fan Fiction (Are you reading Wide Awake, BTW? If so, you must go and join Cutie at Super Secret Twilight Blog’s discussion this Friday over Chapters 21-30 And if not, you should be! Go now!).

3.) Daydreaming…about riding in the silver Volvo with Edward. And pulling over. And climbing in the backseat. And….well, you get the picture.

4.) Talking about the Saga to anyone who will listen (Just ask SW—we barely talk about anything non-Twilight related these days!)

5.) Googling (from my Twilight Google homepage) anything I can think of (Robert Pattinson pics, Rob Pattinson hair, wet Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson button-fly jeans…what?)

6.) Visiting Edward at FYE in the mall. (He always stares at me so seductively…)

7.) Spending any leftover time visiting my fav Twilight blogs and websites

As you can see, I have found quite a few things to keep me busy while DH is at work during the day. (And I do mean pretty much all day, every day!) I’m beginning to worry though. Each day I get closer and closer to the day where I have to go back to work and I’m starting to wonder….how will I EVER have enough time to get my Twilight fix during the school year?? I don’t know if the evenings alone will cut it anymore...

Time to get creative. I’m going to have to fill this Twidiculous void whenever I have a free moment. For starters, I’m thinking I need to hang a Robward poster on the door to the supply closet. (On the inside people! Then, when I need a moment away from the kids I can just step inside and stare at him. Is that creepy? And am I brave enough to explain it to my assistant teacher and aides??) ) I guess I can try to read during my lunch break. Sadly, my classroom doesn’t even have internet due to budget cuts, so internet-related activities will all have to be reserved for home time. Tiny E and B can come to school with me some days…I’ll just have to make sure they stay hidden out of the kids' sight (and out of the reach of their sticky little hands!)

How do you working Twidiculous ladies do it? Any suggestions?

PS: Can I just mention again how much we LOVE our button from the fantastic Betti.Music.Twilight ?!! I'm still working on getting DH to put on the glitter...


  1. I am laughing so hard. You need to buy FYE Edward. He could be your student teacher.

  2. I have gotten very creative with my status reports...hehehehe.

  3. Yes I agree with SW. You must buy the FYE Edward, then we can trade off. When you have the TINY'S we can have cardboard Edward. It would be Fantastic!!!!!


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