Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crimson Moon's Bio

I was just a ordinary girl, who had a relatively ordinary life until the "Twilight Saga"

I was not really one to read many books, until my bestie QP said that she had watched the movie twilight, and that she loved it, and was going to read the books. So i decided why not, its obviously popular, so i decided that when we got home from our vacation, i would start reading.
And then it happened..
i was so hooked that i couldnt hardly put it down, i was reading at least 12 hours a day. i just couldnt stop myself, and when i wasnt reading, i was always thinking about it, always on edge thinking about what was going to happen next. My poor husband just got thrown to the back burner for a while, while i was in my bliss. I couldnt believe that i loved it this much.
All the while, my husband had to fend for himself, he would always say, "Im not jealous of one book, im jealous of four books".

And so, i always catch myself off in Edwardland daydreaming about twilight, and how we all wish the cullens would just adopt us, and always having to stop and stare and the big cardboard cutouts at the mall, or just always having to flip through the magazines at the checkout counter, to see whats new.

Now that the books are done, bring on the movies!!



  1. It's about DAMN time CM: Glad your finally on here.

  2. Hooray! So glad you're here CM!

  3. I am so glad you finally decided to join the wonderful world of Twilight crazy wives. Where you can sooo be yourself without twihaters scoffing at you.... Congrats!!! AB


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