Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Winds of Change Are Blowing...

This weekend, my hubby and I went to visit our families for the Fourth of July. Being that we currently live in a ridiculously small town due to DH’s job, we had some errands to run in the “real world.” One of these urgent tasks was a trip to the local Barnes and Noble. DH and I both love books, and therefore, can happily spend hours wandering around this particular establishment. Now that we don’t have immediate access, we always leave time to stop by when we’re in the vicinity of the store.

The first sign of change came when I was perusing a table of newly released paperbacks. DH zipped over to my side with a big smile and says, “I guess you haven’t made it back to the ‘If You Liked Twilight’ table?” Giddy with excitement over his discovery, I rushed to the table, which was covered with Twilight-esque novels. After looking them over, I was disappointed to see that these particular novels seemed to be Young Adult novels, and none seemed nearly as intriguing as the Twilight Saga. I knew I couldn’t be satisfied by sub-standard teen vampire lit, so I walked away a little disheartened.

After a few minutes, something dawned on me. Could my husband have actually been excited to tell me about the table? He was smiling and looked proud of himself for discovering the display before me. As I have mentioned before, all things Twilight have been subject to ridicule from DH since it became clear that the level of my interest in the Saga is, shall we say, more enthusiastic than most peoples’. Could this be the beginning of a shift? Could my husband actually be learning to accept my Twi-love?

About an hour later, as we were getting ready to check out, DH mentioned that he needed a new bookmark. We walked over to the display, where I immediately spotted three Twilight bookmarks! Naturally I was squealing with joy (quietly, because you don’t squeal loudly in B&N) as I snatched up my treasure. DH just shook his head with a little smile, like he was amused by my silliness. (I was slightly annoyed because of the fact that these particular bookmarks were hanging by the Hannah Montana and High School Musical bookmarks. I mean, Twilight does NOT belong there. Right?) I waited for the reminder that I was purchasing merchandise from a novel written for TEENAGERS, or to hear some remark about how he was embarrassed for me. Silence. He didn’t say a word, just walked around with that little smile on his face. Ok, definitely a weird reaction for DH. He always has something to say on the subject of Twilight, and it has never been anything positive. Perhaps I am reading too much into it, but could my hubby be in the early stages of approval?

I am daring to be hopeful…


  1. Thanks for the link love. And, you can so totally squee in the middle of B&N. I did that plus jump up and down in happiness when I procured my Stars of Twilight mag. Oh, and I would be afraid...sounds like DH is storing this little nugget away and will expose it at inopportune moment.

  2. Perhaps he's coming around & accepting your newfound obsession. Ya, pretty unlikely, but one can hope... Fire Crotch is right, it's completely acceptable to squee in B&N. We did, oh, wait, we also jumped up and down like giddy teenagers! heh


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