Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Sparklers

The weekly round up:

Check out this airport crisis deverted at We Bite Pretty Hard.

I wish I had a boss this cool. Read about it at Twitarded.

Go NOW and watch the videos. NOW. Ramblings of A Latchkey Wife.

Smutty fanfic that will make you wish Edward Cullen deflowered you. Making Mrs. Cullen.



  1. ooo...hey, thanks for the shoutout! And can I say how much I love your banner?

  2. @Fire Crotch: You're welcome and thanks! :)

  3. Thanks for my shout out too! Yippeee!

  4. Fire Crotch is right as always, the name of your blog is very loverly & you banner is great. ;)

    I found you through her. :)


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