Monday, July 27, 2009

Rob Leads The Way

This summer, QP and I have been traveling all over fucking creation. Luckily, we have a little helper to guide us on our many trips:

Note: I kinda suck at taking pictures in a moving car.

This GPS is officially called a Tom Tom, but QP and I decided it needed a real name. Like Rob.

Who doesn't want to take a ride with him?

After searching through the many confusing options on this thing, we found that we could change the voice on it, the voice that says things like "In three miles, turn left." And-jackpot-we found a male voice with an English accent. Score. Now Rob can tell us things like, "Stay on the motorway," and "In three hundred meters, turn right." Sexy, right? Like he's guiding us where he wants us to go (wink wink). Neither us actually has any idea how far a meter is, but whatever. GPS Rob can tell us what to do and where to go all damn day in his sexy accent.

The problem is, sometimes, Rob doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. Like when we're on the freeway and he keeps trying to get us to take the scary-ass back roads because the 1/2 a meter shorter then the freeway. Maybe he's drunk. That's when Tiny E steps in. He's the responsible one of the two.

Oh, Wives, let me assist you in your travels.

Because a little plastic action figure totally knows how to get us somewhere when an expensive English accented GPS can't. You understand.



  1. OMG, I am laughing so fucking hard!! (Doesn't reading Wide Awake make you want to use the word "fuck" all the time??) Anyway, I wonder if my GPS has a british accent too? If so, it will be called Edward from this day forward...


  2. I will admit I screamed at ROB more than a few times on my trip to Colorado, there were many SHUT THE FUCK UP ROB's, and are you FUCKING kidding me's. But all and all he got me there. Who cares if he took me 2 hours longer then MAP QUEST. He just wanted the extra time with me.

  3. SP-You know me better then that. I swear all the time. But Wide Awake does provide some nice inspiration :).


  4. I must change the voice on my TomTom now! You are twidiculous!


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