Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not everything is meant to be shared with your spouse!!

So I've been with my husband for 13 years. If anyone tried to hurt him in any way I would have to kill them... However, last night I was willing to make an exception. We went over to a friends house so that I could work on my Facebook page and hang out. As the evening winded down we were all in the livingroom just talking when some how the topic of Twilight and Edward came up. My friend is a big fan too, and may be just as Edward crazy as I am. Her and I mentioned how romantic Edward is in the books when my husband tried to get in on the conversation(as if he had a clue what he was talking about). I told him not to be a Twiposer or I would Twijack his shit up.. He had the nerve to say that Edward was an EMO PUSS... OMG!!! my friend threw an object at him and I let her. He laughed of course and thought his comment was justified. I told him he was just upset that he was no Edward. My friend told him if he ever spoke an ill word against Edward in her home again he could never come back... Of course he apologized later, but I let him know that he can't talk Twilight with me again. It is my reality escape and who wants life to collide with the Twiworld?? So he agreed to RESPECT my world of escape and never mention Edward again. He better if he ever wants to see me naked again!! ~AB


  1. Ooooo, harsh! I love this --> "I told him not to be a Twiposer or I would Twijack his shit up." Truly great!

  2. OMG has he lost his mind.......Tell him I will TWIJACK his shit up too!!!!! There are just some boundries you just do not cross. But good job on putting him in his place..**QP**


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