Thursday, July 2, 2009


I saw this picture earlier this week, but was waiting to post it until I could write something coherent. Because, this photo gets me all flushed. And takes away the ability to think clearly.

Hmm? What was I saying? Was I typing something? Feeling a bit flushed...must lay down. Or go read some smutty Twilight fan fiction.


Image via: New Moon Movie.


  1. I KNOW!!!!!!! Even despite wearing a Yankees hat (I'm a Sox fan!) - this picture makes me fecking PANT!! I love the black tee.

  2. And after I stopped looking at his button-fly I noticed that his shoulders seemed that possible or is my mind playing tricks again? Yum!

  3. Does any one else get one of those really embarressing smiles when you look at him, the kind that you know makes you look kinda crazy but you still can't stop??? Yeah, that's what this pic does to me.


  4. I dont usually like v-neck tee's on men, but I am convinced R-Patz can pull anything off at this point. Cause this pic is FREAKING HOT!!!! I love the smile he's got going on. The I'm totally up too something smile. OH and the RAY BAN'S... Im a huge fan of the R-B's. Serioulsy is there no limit to his sexiness?????? AHHHHH, ( TRIPLE-X THOUGHTS) I'm a happily maried woman, I'm a happily married woman.........

  5. It's the baseball hat.[my personal sexy kryptonite...he has it!] Plus the Raybans. Plus THAT smirk....good-freakin-ness!


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